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Minh Le

Mobile & Fullstack Software Developer

Profesional Profile

I am a senior software engineer with Ph.D degree in Computer Science. 5+ year experience in Android and 8+ year experience in Java, C# for back-end, web services and front-end. Passionate about mobile apps on Android and iOS, Object-Oriented Programming, design patterns and software optimization.

Enjoy mobile development as a hobby. High motivated and always eager to learn new programming languages, technologies and tools.

My Skills
Mobile: Android (Java), Windows Mobile (C#), iOS (Swift)
Back-end: Spring Framework, JSP, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, ASP.NET, Razor, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Services
Front-end: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
Others: Matlab, C++, Node.Js
Published Papers

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My Services

What I am willing to do
Mobile Development

5+ years in professional Android mobile development & research. Deep knowledge in Android system, networking and memory management. Experience in ButterKnife, Staggered Grid, Picasso, ZeroMQ, OkHttp, etc. 2+ years in Windows Phone (C#) and started working with iOS (Swift).

Back-end Development

5+ years experience in back-end development with Spring Framework, Java, Tomcat, JBoss, cluster technologies, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 1 year working with ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Services & Portal and IIS.

Front-end Development

3+ years in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, XSLT, Razor (ASP.NET). Experience in JavaScript libraries: JQuery, AngularJS, Masonry, Readium, JPlayer, etc.

Window Applications

2+ years working in Window applications using Java (Eclipse), C# and WPF (Visual Studio)

Virtualization & Image Processing

Experience in Image Processing using OpenCV (Edge Detection, Image Transformation, Motion Detection etc.). Developed Android apps using OpenGL (3.0), 3D Java apps using OpenGL and Java3D.


5 years in research of Distributed Systems, Mobile Networks and Data Middleware. Published 7 papers in the Ph.D program & 4 papers in the Master. Good at problem solving, algorithms and Mathematics (2 Bronze prizes in National Mathematical Contests).


My education and experience
  • Researcher | Software Engineer
    Utah State University | 2015 - Now

    Created new inter-group technology on Android to extend communication range of WiFi-Direct apps to infitite distance. Enhanced distributed algorithm for mobile collaborations to improve remote execution speed (70%) and conserve battery (55%). Extended message queue system on ANdroid to dynamically switch executing tasks from edge servers to mobile devices. Built JavaScript-based execution platform to support mobile cross-platform interactions, implemented on Android and Windows Mobile. Created Remote Method Invocation (RMI) routing library to reduce development time of network-based Android/iOS apps using JeroMQ and annotations. Obtained high performance on Android with Amazon Web Services.

  • Software Engineer Intern
    ECE Department | May 2017 - Sep 2017

    Developed the controlling system for wheelchair to automatically detect, drive, dock and charge. Implemented system on Ubuntu and Android systems, hardware interplays through ROS, image processing using Matlab and OpenCV, Android 3D rendering by OpenGL.

  • Software Team Manager
    NSoft Inc. | Aug 2012 - Aug 2015

    Built load balancing REST services using Java, Spring Framework, JSP, MySQL and Tomcat clusters for high availability and fault tolerance. The services include content and storage management, document conversion and system security. Developed front-end content curation system and web-based publishing tools using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. Created web-based ebook viewer using Readium library, customized for 9 publishers in South Korea. Created ebook management and view app on Android. The app was used by Samsung, KT, Woongjin and the other customers. Achieved promotion to Software Team Manager.

  • Software Engineer
    IriTech Inc. | Mar 2010 - Jan 2012

    Developed cluster-based SOAP services using Java, Spring Framework, JBoss to wrap up iris recognition function (C++). Constructed distributed shared memory on JBoss clusters and load balancing on MySQL clusters to improve template loading and matching. Developed visual toolkits (C#) to automatically detect memory leaks of the C library and improve accuracy of the matching algorithms to 98%.

  • Master Computer Science
    Konkuk University | 2008 - 2010

    Created SensorBridge, a Java-based message-oriented middleware to bridge any software architecture to Wireless sensor networks. Applied successfully SensorBridge to uCity, an inter-city ubiquitous IoT infrastructure in South Korea. Extended SensorBridge to Web (developed SensorBridgeWeb library) and virtual systems (developed SensorBridge3D library).


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