Wheelchair Project is from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at Utah State University, I worked on this project during the Summer 2017. Since the project has not completed and turned to the 2nd phase, I will only summarize some of the work that I have done and committed.

My work is to develop a controller to drive the real wheelchair to the charging pad. The wheelchair detects the pad around the room and find the way to move ahead once the pad is found.

Gazebo Simulator is used to virtualize behaviors of the actual wheelchair through ROS.

The charging part is temporarily designed in red color. It has some texture on the top so that our algorithm can detect the exact location (to draw on the coordinator) using OpenCV. User can adjust the parameters of the software to fit the new environment with different illuminations or changes of charging pad.
Some OpenCV techniques are used here such as Gauss image blurring, color filtering, contour detecting, transformation and distance estimation.

A ROS Manager program we developed to manage the entire ROS system (topics and data) of a server. User can add/remove a topics and watch real-time data.

We also develop the Android app for the sake of user convenience. The Android version provides a convenient way to drive the wheelchair using joystick. Also, a 3D model developed using OpenGL for Android provide a better view of the wheelchair and the charging pad.